130+ Best Good Evening Message For My Wife Long Distance

Hello From Far But Still Close in Heart

You’ll find 130 Good Evening Message For My Wife Long Distance makes her smile. Texting, leaving a sweet voicemail, or initiating a quick video call takes only a few minutes. The most straightforward note at bedtime, whether a loving check-in, sharing pieces of your day, or a silly joke, can let her know you care, no matter how far apart you are.

My wife travels a lot for her fun job. Sometimes, she has to go places that are super far away! When that happens, I miss getting to spend time with her. But we found a neat way to feel close even though we couldn’t be together – by sending messages in the evening. Sending texts or talking on video calls is like giving a big virtual hug. It helps the time we’re apart not feel so long.

Good Evening Message For My Wife Long Distance

My favorite part of the day is chatting with my wife before bedtime, no matter where she is. We share our day’s adventures and look at photos or videos. I like hearing all about what she did even if I wasn’t there. And sharing silly pictures and stories makes us both laugh a lot.

Even if I can’t see my wife in real life because she’s far away on a trip, talking to her on the phone or computer helps me feel like she’s beside me, I still hear her funny jokes and sweet voice each night. Sending evening messages is an excellent way to stay close even when sleeping in different places. It means we never feel too lonely while we’re apart!

Good Evening Message For My Wife Long Distance

  1. 👋 Dear sweetheart, good morning! It does not matter how far I am from you; I am thinking about you. Today was a great day at school, and I hope you enjoyed it!

  2. 🧸 Bedtime bear misses you! I can’t wait for cuddles when I see you next. Sweet dreams!

  3. 🌙 The moon looks bright tonight. I bet it’s shining on you, too. Love you to the moon and back!

  4. 🎁 Did you find your surprise? I hid it under your pillow. Shhh, don’t tell! Hugs and kisses for my girl.

  5. 🎈 My day was dreary without your smile. But thinking of you pops a giant balloon in my heart.

  6. 🐱 Kitty and I want nose boops from you. This long wait is no fun. You’re the best part of my day.

  7. 🐷 Piggy and I miss our cuddle bugs. We play to pass the time, but I wish you were here too. Sweet dreams, beautiful!

  8. 🦉 Hear an owl hoot? That was me missing you! I can’t wait for bedtime snuggles. You’re the best sleepytime pal.

  9. 🌟 I spotted your star in the sky and waved. Did you see me down here? Dream of sweet things, my love.

  10. 🦕 Dino dreamed of your smile and woke me with giggles! I’m sending you loads of hugs and kisses until I see you again.

  11. 🍓 Strawberry picking without you isn’t the same. I found the brightest berries that made me think of your pretty face.

  12. 🍪 Cookie and I are baking your favorites. The House smells yummy! I’ll save you the first treat for when you come home.

  13. 🦮 Puppy tried to cheer me up with cuddles, but nothing beats yours. I blow you kisses until I can give you real ones. You’re the best!

  14. 🌈 After the rain, a beautiful rainbow appeared. It reminded me of your smiling face and how you brighten my every day.

  15. 🦏 We saw baby hippos playing at the zoo. They made me grin, thinking of us practicing for a little bun someday. I love our future, sweetheart!

  16. 🐰 Bunny hopped in with carrots for your supper! She misses her favorite cuddle buddy. I hope I get extra love when we’re together again.

  17. 🐳 Whale sang me a song about counting the days until I can hold you. Not long now, my love. Sweet dreams, beautiful girl!

  18. 🦆 Ducks were extra silly today and acted just like us. Thanks for always making me laugh. You’re the best friend ever.

  19. 🦝 Raccoon tried cheering me up with jokes, but your smile is what sparks joy—blowing kisses until I can give you real ones. Sweet dreams, darling!

  20. 🐨 Koala wants you to know it’s borrowing your Spot for cuddles. You can’t beat yours, though! Smile big for sweet dreams, lovely.

  21. 🦔 Hedgehog wants to remind you that I love you more than pokeberries. Distance is no fun, but memories keep me going until I can squeeze you.

  22. 🦈 Shark spotted you in my dreams and gave you a big fish for supper! I hope it made you giggle. Sweetest dreams, my beautiful girl.

  23. 🍄 Mushroom and I found a hidden fairy village. It made me think of your pretty spells. I can’t wait to explore more magic with you, my love.

  24. 🦃 Turkey wanted to say it misses our cooking adventures in the kitchen. It’s not the same without your smile and laughs. You’re the best, darling!

  25. 🦗 Grasshopper wishes you sweet slumbers filled with smiles. I’ll be dreaming of your beautiful face until sunrise.


Good Evening Message For My Wife Long Distance22

Caring Words to Send Your Wife Every Night

  1. 🐛 Caterpillar made a colorful cocoon like your smile, brightening my day. Keep shining bright, lovely girl. Sweet dreams!

  2. 🐔 Chickadee wants a belly rub like the ones I miss giving you. Smile big tonight, beautiful! You deserve the happiest dreams.

  3. 🐞 Ladybug came to tickle your nose and make you grin. I hope it worked from far away. Sweet girl, you fill my heart with joy!

  4. 🦚 Flamingo danced you a silly song and hoped it gave you laughs. The only thing better is hearing your giggles in person. Sweetest dreams, darling!

  5. 🐌 Snail wishes you the sweetest night. This bed isn’t the same without you, honeybee. Smile big for sweet dreams!

  6. 🐜 Ant works extra hard while I’m away to build a sandcastle for our next day at the beach. I can’t wait to play in the waves with you!

  7. 🦡 Badger baked cookies with raisins, just like you taught me. It won’t be the same until I can share them with the chef herself! Big smooches, my love.

  8. 🐗 Piglet was pretty lonely until he snuggled my shirt that still smells like you. It brought a smile until I saw your natural face, and hugs soon!

  9. 🐧 Penguins were sledding and made me think of our snow day adventures. I can’t wait for more wintertime magic with my best girl. Sweet dreams!

  10. 🐝 Bumblebee buzzed pretty songs to cheer you up. I hope it worked, my darling. You always brighten my skies with your lovely smile.

  11. 🦌 Deer saw the prettiest flowers and saved one just for you. When I see you next, I’ll weave it into your hair for a fairytale kiss—sending love!

  12. 🦞 Lobster heard the funniest joke and wants you to add it to our laugh bank. I can’t wait to make more memories with my anchor in the seas of life.

  13. 🐃 Buffalo wants you to know distance is tiring, but our bond is unbreakable. Grin big for the sweetest dreams, beautiful!

  14. 🐹 Hamster is hiding your favorite treats for when you visit. I’ll be saving all my special cuddles up, too! Sweet dreams, darling.

  15. 🐠 Fish swam me a story of our day at the boardwalk. I can’t wait to play games and count all your pretty smiles, lovely girl. Big kisses!

  16. 🐳 Whale blew kisses extra big from the sea. I hope they reach you for the sweetest dreams, my darling! Distance is hard, but you are always in my heart.

  17. 🦊 Fox brought your favorite flowers and hopes the pretty scent will reach your dreams. I am sending all my love to my best girl. Sweet dreams!

  18. 🦇 Bat saw fireflies blinking in the night like the sparkles in your eyes. You light up my whole world, beautiful angel. Big kisses for slumber!

  19. 🦩 Flamingos danced a song just for you and said it couldn’t compare to seeing your natural smile. Sweetest dreams, my gorgeous girl!

  20. 🐈 Kitty learned a new trick to show you next time. It wants your giggles to chase the lonely away. Sweetheart, our reunion can’t come soon enough!

  21. 🐰 Bunny came to brighten my day and gave yours a big hug. I hope you feel my love and arm around you all night. Sweetest dreams, lovely!

  22. 👋 Hello! I’m thinking of you. Hope you had a great day!

  23. 😊 Smiley face! I miss talking with you. What did you do today?

  24. 🌙 Night night! I’ll dream sweet dreams of you. Sweet dreams!

  25. 🍎 Yum yum, apple! I’m eating a snack and wishing you were here to share it.

Heartfelt Things to Text Your Wife at Night

  1. 🌈 Rainbow! I looked outside and saw a bright, colorful sky. I thought of you.

  2. 👍 Thumbs up! I had a fun time at baseball practice. I hit the ball far!

  3. 💭 Bubble thoughts! Thinking of all the fun things we’ll do on your day off.

  4. 🥳 Party hat! Today’s your birthday! I hope you have a super special day.

  5. 😄 Smiley grin! Something made me laugh today, and I wanted to tell you.

  6. 🌟 Twinkly star! I wish for a bright, shiny star for you right now.

  7. 🐶 Woof woof! Took the Puppy to the park. He chased balls and bugs and had a blast!

  8. 🎉 Balloons! I can’t wait to celebrate your considerable work win when you get home.

  9. 🥰 Huggy face! Wrapped in a cozy blanket, I miss your warm hugs.

  10. 🍋 Lemon! I made lemonade today; it made me think of summertime with you.

  11. 👭 Stick people! Played with friends at recess. Talking about all the fun things we’ll do with you.

  12. 🚲 Bike ride! I biked around the neighborhood, pedaling and thinking of you the whole time.

  13. 💭 Bubble thoughts! Daydreaming of weekend adventures we’ll go on together.

  14. 🌤 Sunshine! It’s a sunny, bright day. I hope your day is going well, too!

  15. 🐶 Woof woof! I tucked our Puppy in bed; he’s also fast asleep dreaming of you.

  16. 🌙 Night night! Cozy in bed, looking at the shining moon and stars before sleep.

  17. 🐱 Kitty cat! Like you, I petted the neighbor’s kitty; it was so soft and cuddly.

  18. 👭 Stick people! Played make-believe with friends, pretending you were here with us.

  19. 🚲 Bike ride! I rode a bike to the park and playground, wishing you were riding with me.

  20. 🧸 Teddy bear! Hugging my teddy tight, wishing it was you here for hugs instead.

  21. 💭 Bubble thoughts! Thinking of your laugh and smile, I can’t wait to see you soon!

  22. 🌙 Night night! Snuggling under the blankets, dreaming of your return.

  23. 🐶 Woof woof! Our Puppy is napping, just like I wish I could nap with you.

  24. 🍿 Popcorn! I made Popcorn for a movie; it wasn’t as fun without you.

  25. 👫 Couple! Played with puppets, the mama puppet misses the daddy puppet.

  26. 🎈 Balloon! I saw colorful balloons floating in the sky; they made me think of your smile.

  27. 🏠 House! Built a fort with blankets and pillows, wishing you were in our cozy place.

  28. 🥰 Huggy face! Wrapped in a warm blanket, I miss your cozy hugs.

  29. 🏕 Campfire! Roasted marshmallows pretending we were camping under the stars.

  30. 🐶 Woof woof! Our Puppy is sleeping by my feet, keeping me company until you’re home.

Good Evening Message For My Wife Long Distance33

Good Messages to Send Your Wife Every Evening

  1. 🌙 Night night skies! Counting shining stars before bedtime, wishing on each one for you.

  2. 🧸 Teddy bear! My Teddy bear keeps me company, but he’s no substitute for your hugs.

  3. 🎈 Balloon! Blowing bubbles outside, watching them float up like beautiful rainbows.

  4. 🐱 Kitty cat! Pet the neighbor’s soft kitty, dreaming it was your soft fur, I felt.

  5. 🍿 Popcorn! Snacking and thinking of your funny jokes and stories.

  6. 🚲 Bike ride! I went on an adventure on my bike, wishing you were riding beside me.

  7. 🌄 Sunset! I watched the colorful sky and clouds and wished to see it with you.

  8. 🧸 Teddy bear! Listening to calming bedtime music and hugging Teddy tight.

  9. 🌙 Shooting star! I saw a flashing star streak in the sky, closed my eyes, and made a wish for you.

  10. 💭 Bubble thoughts! Daydreaming of weekend fun we’ll have playing together.

40 Sweet Evening Messages to Send Your Wife When You’re Apart

  1. 🍎 Apple smile! Taking a yummy bite of my snack, smiling like you do when you’re happy.

  2. 🚗 Car! I drove around town pretending I was on an adventure with you.

  3. 🌙 Night skies! Counting shiny stars and puffy clouds before bed, missing your company.

  4. 🐶 Woof woof! Our Puppy gave me kisses, almost like your hugs and kisses 😘

  5. 👋 Hello! I’m thinking of you from far away. I can’t wait to see you again soon.

  6. ☁️ The clouds in the sky remind me of cotton candy. I hope your day was as sweet as cotton candy.

  7. 🥤 I’m making us smoothies and saving you a glass when you return. What flavors do you want?

  8. 📺 We should pick a show to watch together on video chat tonight. Any ideas of what’s fun?

  9. 🚗 The Car is missing your laugh. I’ll play your favorite song real loud so it feels like you’re here.

  10. 🌠 The stars in the sky remind me of your pretty eyes. I see them everywhere I look outside at night.

  11. 🍿 Movie night with me is no fun. Let’s pop some popcorn and chat during the good parts over video.

  12. 🎈 I blew up balloons today and thought of your smile. You always make me so happy, like balloons do!

  13. 🍄 Let’s adventure in the backyard and look for fairies hiding in the grass. I’ll be your fairy prince!

  14. 🌫 The fog today is very cozy and sleepy. I wish I could cuddle with you under a warm blanket while it’s foggy.

  15. 🥄 I tried your special pasta recipe tonight. It didn’t taste as good without you here to help. But it made me smile thinking of you.

  16. 🐶 Did you know that dogs can miss their owners too? I bet Spot is keeping your feet extra warm while we’re chatting.

  17. 🎂 I cut our favorite cake in half today. We can celebrate over video chat and pretend we’re eating together.

  18. 🌈 A pretty rainbow showed up after the rain stopped. It reminded me of how colorful you make my world.

  19. 🌙 Goodnight, sleeping beauty! Sweet dreams of adventures and our next date together.

  20. 🏖 Close your eyes – I’m picturing us walking on the beach together, feeling the sand between our toes.

  21. 🐞 I found a lucky ladybug today. I’m keeping it safe to bring you good luck for your day, too.

  22. 🌳 The trees are starting to change colors already. I can’t wait to go on our fall hike together when you’re home.

  23. 🏠 Home doesn’t feel complete without you here. But thinking of you makes any place feel like Home.

  24. ☀️ The Sunshine today reminded me of your happy smile. I hope it’s shining for you, too, wherever you are.

  25. 🦋 Butterflies were flying everywhere today. It made me think of the flutters I get in my tummy with you.

  26. 🔭 I packed up the telescope, hoping we could go stargazing soon. The stars will be even prettier when we see them together.

  27. 🦗 Warm summer nights make the crickets sing. I’m listening and wishing you were here to sing with me, too.

  28. 🕯 Lighting this candle is like keeping your light here with me even when you’re far away. Its glow makes me smile.

  29. 🌼 A pretty flower bloomed just for you today. I picked it up and put it by your pillow, so it’s the first thing you see tomorrow.

  30. 🍂 Fall leaves were dancing in the wind today. I held my hands like we do, trying to catch them for you.

  31. 🎁 Open your gift from me now – I thought you’d like it. I’ll be opening mine from you on video, too.

  32. 🌿 Smell this fresh sage – it reminds me of your hugs. Closing my eyes helps me pretend you’re right here with me.

  33. 💫 Make a wish on the first star tonight. I bet our wishes will come true if we hope for the same thing.

  34. 🐶 The pup is missing you like crazy. We’re snuggling extra close to hold you in our dreams until you’re home.

  35. 🎈 I blew up all your favorite colors of balloons! The room looks like a party, as you always make me feel.

  36. 🦚 Beautiful birds were singing in the trees today. It was like our song was playing just for you, my love.

  37. 🌄 The sunrise was so pretty. Pink and orange colors lit up the sky, like a big hug hello from above.

  38. ☕️ Curling up with a cozy cup of tea reminds me of rainy days with you. Mmm, I can’t wait to share another one soon!

  39. 💕 My heart is missing a vital piece when we’re apart. Hurry home so we can be whole again, sweetheart. I love you to the moon!


Sending goodnight messages to my wife when she’s on a trip makes the time feel shorter until she’s home. Even if we can’t physically be together, talking by phone or computer helps us feel like a team daily. Sending funny photos, telling jokes, or reading silly stories to each other at night makes us happy and makes the miles apart not seem so far. As long as we check in before bed, it’s like getting a big air hug from far away!

Making sure to send a text or call my wife at the end of each day is a unique way we stay close even when we sleep in two places. Sending smiles, funny faces, and lots of hearts lets her know she’s in my thoughts no matter where her travels take her. I like feeling like we fall asleep together, too, even if we can’t curl up in the same bed. Our love bridges any distance so we can feel as close as holding hands.

The best part about talking to my wife every night is that it makes the time until she’s home with me again so short! Sending sweet messages full of caring makes her days brighter, too. I’m always happy when she calls me her best friend. And I’ll keep sharing silly pictures and stories at night until she returns and our hugs are for real again. We can get through any time apart when we talk and smile every evening.


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