100 Best 4th Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

Happy Anniversary Wishes for Hubby

The 4th year of marriage is exceptional. It’s always nice to let your husband know how much you appreciate him. On your 4th Wedding Anniversary Wishes For your Husband, you can hug your husband and say kind words to show gratitude. You can remind him of fun memories you’ve shared over the past 4 years. Things like vacations, holidays with family, date nights out, or time spent at home. Tell him he makes you happy and is the best husband in the world. Your husband will feel good knowing how much you care. It’s a great way to celebrate getting married 4 years ago.


Making homemade cards is another thoughtful way to wish your husband a happy anniversary. Cut heart shapes from coloured paper and glue them onto construction paper or cardstock to make the front. Inside, you can write your special message to your hubby. You’re the best!” or “I’m lucky we met and married 4 years ago. Love you lots!” Your husband will appreciate the time and effort you put into the homemade card. He proudly displays it to remind him how much he means to you daily. Your anniversary wishes from the heart will warm his heart, too.

4th Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

  1. 👨‍❤️‍👨 Happy 4th wedding year anniversary to my best friend! I’m so lucky to have you by my side.

  2. 🎉🎉 Four whole years married to my favorite guy! Thanks for making me smile every day.

  3. 💕😍 Four years flew by so fast! I love you more than ever; you’re the best!

  4. ❤️🎊 Four years flew. I’m so glad I’m stuck with you through all we do.

  5. 🥳🥳 Four excellent years, you’re the one who cheers me up and banishes all my fears.

  6. 🎂🥂 Here’s to four great years together; you’re the one I’ll love forever and ever!

  7. 🥰🥰 Four beautiful years of marriage and many more happy years we’ll share!

  8. 🎁😊 Thanks for four lovely years; I’m so lucky you’re mine; you fill me with cheers!

  9. 🤗💝 Four years are flying by so quickly; I’m thankful that you are so slickly every day!

  10. 🥰😍 Four years flew so fast; I’m so glad that in your arms is where I’m cast!

  11. 💕❤️ You’re my one and only, four years already; I’m so blessed to call you my honey bunny body!

  12. 😘🎉 Four years and going strong together is where we belong; I love you with a song!

  13. 🤗💖 It’s our fourth year together, and I love you even more than ever!

  14. 🎁🎉 a happy fourth anniversary to you! Having you by my side every morning is one of the things that I enjoy most about my life.

  15. 🥳😍 Four years flew by like a rocket; thank you for making my world rock it!

  16. 😘😘 Four years flew quickly; thanks for being so slick and thick!

  17. 💕💕 Four years of fun and happiness, too; I’m so lucky to spend my life with you!

  18. 😍❤️ Four beautiful years married to my best friend; I love you to no end!

  19. 😘🎂 Four years feels like no time; being with you makes me stand tall!

  20. 🥰🥰 Thanks for four incredible years, darling; I love you wholeheartedly; you’re my superstar shining!

  21. 😘💕 I’m so thankful for our four years together and all the joy you bring. You’re the absolute best!

  22. 🎉😍 Happy 4th anniversary, my hunk of love! Four years flew by like a dove; you’re still my cupcake from above.

  23. 😘🥰 Four years and counting with my number one, I’m the luckiest being under the sun!

  24. 😍😘 Four beautiful years we’ve been wed; I’m so blessed to call you hub instead!

😍❤️ Four years flew quickly daily; I love you more than words say!

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Making Your Husband Feel Appreciated

  1. 😘💖 Four years flew by in a flash; being with you makes my heart crash and smash!

  2. ❤️❤️ Happy anniversary! I’m so lucky to share four beautiful years of marriage with my best friend.

  3. 🥰🤗 Thank you for the four fantastic years, millions of memories, laughs, and cheers!

  4. 🥰😘 Four years of adventures together and many more to come. I love you!

  5. It has been an incredible four years for us since we got married! I hope that we can celebrate many more years together in the future.

  6. 🥳❤️ Here’s to four years down and forever to go. I love you more each day; you’re a pro.

  7. 🎉🤗 Four years flew by like a whiz; you make me so happy; it always makes me sizz!

  8. 💗💗 Four wonderful years as hubby and wife with you is how I want to spend my life!

  9. 🥳😘 Four years went as quickly as the fastest of birds; being with you always makes me feel absurd!

  10. 😍❤️ I’m the luckiest to have found my soulmate. Thanks for four incredible years; you’re truly unbelievable!

  11. 🥰😘 I love our life together and cherish every moment. Happy four years, you’re dope!

  12. 💕😍 Our four years as a married couple have passed in a flash.

  13. 🥰🥰 I love you more than words can ever express! Thanks for four blissful years of happiness.

  14. 🥳❤️ Four years of marriage means four years of fun, smiles, and everything under the sun!

  15. 💖💖 Thanks for four incredible years of calling you mine; you always make this gal feel fine!

  16. 😍😘 Four years flew by like a wink; thank you for always making me think; you slink!

  17. 💕💕 Happy 4th anniversary to my soulmate! I treasure every moment we share. Love you!

  18. 🥰😍 Four incredible years as husband and wife, you make every day as bright as my life!

  19. 😘❤️ Four years sped on the past; our love is strong and will last forever!

  20. 🎉💕 I’m blessed to celebrate four wonderful years with my best friend. I love you!

  21. 💗❤️ Four years married to my one and only; thank you for all the giggles and joy so poufy!

  22. 🥰😍 Thank you for four incredible years and counting as my partner in crime. I love you!

  23. 🎊🎊 Four years flew by way too fast! Every day with you is a blast in the past.

  24. 😘💕 Our fourth anniversary reminds me how lucky I am. Thank you for your never-ending charm!

  25. 🥰🥰 Four years flew by, and I am so blessed to call you mine until I die!

4th Wedding Anniversary Wishes For Husband

Expressing Gratitude for 4 Amazing Years

  1. Four years together! 🥳 I’m so happy we found each other. You’re the best husband ever! 🥰

  2. The fourth year is here! 🎉 We’ve been together through thick and thin. I love you so much! ❤️

  3. Four whole years already! 😲 I’m so lucky to have a husband like you. Thanks for making me smile each day. 😊

  4. It’s our fourth anniversary! 🎊 You’re my favorite person to spend time with. I’m glad we got married. 💍

  5. Four amazing years down! 👏 Still more great years to come with you. I’m so glad we tied the knot. 💑

  6. Four years flew by so fast! 🙃 Every day with you is wonderful. I’m looking forward to our next chapter. 📖

  7. Happy fourth anniversary, hubby! 🎁 Thanks for being the best partner. Let’s make lots more happy memories together. 💕

  8. Four wonderful years married to you! 🥂 I love celebrating our love. You’re the best husband ever. ❤️

  9. Three wonderful years together, complete! 🎉 Now starting our fourth year, too. I love being married to you! 💝

  10. It’s our fourth wedding year! 🎊 I’m thankful for you daily.

  11. Four whole years of marriage bliss 🥳 and still going strong! You’re the best hubby around. I love you lots! ❤️

  12. Fourth-anniversary celebrations! 🥂 I feel lucky every day being with you. Thank you for the great life we have. 💕

  13. Four years since we became one! 💑 You fill my days with laughter and joy. I’m forever yours, my dear. 💍

  14. Four fantastic years I have been married! 🎊 Thanks for choosing me always and forever. I love you bunches, hubby! 🤗

  15. Happy fourth anniversary, my love! 🥰 These years with you fly by so fast. I’m excited for many more great years. 🎉

  16. Four years down, forever to go! 🥳 I’m thankful every single day for you. You’re the best husband ever, dear. 💖

  17. Another trip around the sun together! 💕 Thank you for four wonderful years, my darling. You’re stuck with me now for good! 😉

  18. Four years strong husband and wife 💪 This continues to be the best decision. I’m lucky you picked me! Thank you for always being there. 🥰

  19. Fourth-anniversary greetings, darling! 💝 You always spread cheer and joy in my life. I’m so glad to call you my hubby. 🤗

  20. Four years ago today, we said, “I do” 💍 This continues to be the best choice. I love spending every day with you, sweetheart! 🥰🥰

  21. Four wonderful years by your side ❤️ Thanks for all the laughs and memories. I look forward to many more happy adventures together! 🥳

  22. Happy fourth anniversary, dearest! 🥰 You make every single day feel precious. I’m thankful for our marriage and love. 💝

  23. I was wishing my amazing husband 🥰 a happy fourth anniversary! I’m so glad we get to experience life side by side.💝

  24. Four incredible years with my favorite person! 🥰 Thanks for always being sweet and kind to me. Here’s to many more wonderful years ahead. 🎉

  25. Fourth-anniversary luck for you! 🍀 Thank you for being my best friend forever and ever. I love you tomorrow as much as today. 🥰

Appreciating Your Partner on a Special Day

  1. Four more years married to my soulmate! 🥳 Thank you for always supporting me with love and care. I’m happy growing old with you. 🥰🥰

  2. Happy 4th anniversary, hubby bear! 🐻 You fill my heart with so much joy. Our life together is wonderful and full of happy days. 🥰

  3. Four wonderful years down, more ahead. 💕 Thanks for all your care, love and support. I look forward to the memories we make forever. 👫

  4. It’s our fourth wedding trip around the sun! 💕 You’re my favorite person in the whole world. Thanks for your smile and tenderness each day. 🥰

  5. For four amazing years, I was married to my rock! 💪 I’m lucky to wake next to you. Here’s to making lots more sweet memories together. 🥰

  6. Four years flew by so fast, hubby dear! 🚀 Thanks for choosing me and our love. These are the happiest times, and I’m glad you’re by my side. ❤️

  7. Four wonderful wedding years with my hubby! 🥳 I feel lucky every day waking up to you. Our love continues to be the best. 💕

  8. My dear, Happy fourth anniversary! 💝 You are my everything. I’m glad we get to love and laugh endlessly together. 🥰

  9. Four years flew by in a blink, my darling! You’re the very best husband ever! 💓

  10. The fourth anniversary wishes to fly your way! 💌 You always bring me light and joy. I’m forever grateful for our precious marriage. 💝

  11. It’s our fourth year, honey bunch! 🥰 So grateful for the love and happiness you give.

  12. Four years with my best friend’s husband! 🤗 You brighten up my world always, darling. Thanks for an amazing adventure together so far. 💕

  13. My dear hubby, Happy fourth anniversary 💝 It feels lucky every day to wake up to you. Here’s to many more wonderful chapters together! 🥰

  14. Four years flew by in a happy flash, sweetie! 😘 Thanks for bringing me smiles and meaning. I’ll love you forever and ever, dear. 🥰

  15. Four wonderful years I completed, honey pie! 💝 One day is never enough with you, baby. I’m excited for more adoring moments together. 🥰

  16. After four great years of marriage, I am beloved! 🥰 You fill my life with so much fun and joy. I’m glad we’re partners riding through happy times forever. 💕

  17. After four spectacular years, we are rounding the bend, dear! 🎉 Our love continues gaining power with time. I wish my hubby all the best in the world. 🥰

  18. Another four wonderful years down, hubby bear! 🐻 Thanks for always choosing me, darling. I’m so thankful for our caring bond and kindness. 🥰

  19. Four fantastic years are celebrating you, sweet pea! ☺️ You’re the best thing that’s ever been mine. Happy anniversary, darling! I love you most! 💓

  20. Four wonderful years together, honey bunch! 🤗 Wishing my favorite husband a happy anniversary. I’m grateful for your smile and joy each day. 🥰

  21. For four years, I was married to my soulmate, Buttercup! 🥰 I’m so glad we started our adventure of forever. There are too many more happy times ahead, darling. 😘

  22. Four unforgettable years alongside you, babe! 💕 I feel lucky to be your wife, my love. Here’s to another fabulous chapter together. 🥂

  23. Four extraordinary years of marriage, honey bear! 🥰 You’re my sunshine that melts away worries. Thanks for every hug and kiss; I adore you. 💝

  24. Fourth wedding anniversary cheers, honey bun! 🥂 These years together have been out of this world. I’m over the moon excited for all that’s yet to come. 🥰

  25. Four amazing years you were being your darling wife! 🥰 Thanks for always treating me so well. Best wishes to my favorite hubby ever on our day. 🥰


The fourth wedding anniversary is an exciting milestone to commemorate with your husband. It’s a great time to look back on sweet memories made together over the past four years. You might want to make your husband his favorite meal for dinner. Or plan a fun activity you enjoy, like going to the park or museum.

Surprising him with a small gift like his favorite candy or shirt is another way to show you were thinking of him. Most importantly, tell him “I love you” from the heart. Your husband will feel extra special knowing how important he is to you. Wishing your hubby a happy fourth anniversary is a beautiful way to celebrate the love you share. Here’s to making countless more joyful memories as a married couple!

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